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The Guardian: Listen To This

by admin on August 30, 2015


It’s been really hard to update my bloggy-blog over the last several weeks: been knee-deep in deadlines and spending time with my kids. A newsletter with more details is forthcoming, so sign up if you haven’t already! I shouldn’t even be blogging right now because there’s this grant I’m applying for that’s due in a little more than 24 hours! Oh well. In between-time, kudos to my co-discussant, BaraTVTunde Thurston for landing a new and amazingly fresh gig at The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, to my other co-host, Tanner Colby, for all the ghost-writing gigs he’s recently landed (and the dozen or so I’m sure he’ll grab between now and December), and a great big virtual high-five from the three of us to Melissa Locker of The Guardian for featuring our podcast in her Listen to This column! By the way, have you checked out our latest episodes???? A new B-side and episode, featuring two female bosses, will drop early this week!




Women’s National Golden Gloves 2015

by admin on July 10, 2015

Right after taping our last B-side and episode of About Race, which you can listen to on our fresh new website (or favorite podcast player), I flew down to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to compete in the Women’s National Golden Gloves. I won the gold in the master’s 141 lb. weight class! Here, I’m pictured with my fellow sister-mommy-boxers, Nisa Rodriguez, her son Emerson, and, to your right, Adrienne Ford. A special shout out to the New York Metro team and coaches, especially coaches Rich and Susan Reno for having my back and working my corner!



“Fresh Dressed” Like a Million Bucks

by admin on June 23, 2015

My husband Sacha Jenkins, director of the documentary, Fresh Dressedout this Friday the 26th—sat down yesterday morning with the legendary Dapper Dan, for an interview with Elvis Mitchell. Now, everyone who listens to my podcast or has engaged me in at least two minutes of convo over the last several months knows I’m like the Pope of the church of American Crime. I haven’t been so engrossed and, quite frankly, moved, by something transmitted through my tell-lie-vision since watching The Central Park Five documentary. And the latter is nonfiction!  Anyways, Elvis Mitchell hosted the podcast and I listened to and saved each episode. I was so jealous of the access he had, not so much to the actors, but the people who put it together behind the scenes. I wanted to be down. Like, badly. Anyways, this was an excellent interview and I’m not saying this because he’s my husband but, go watch the film!!! You will dig it. My word is bond.


On this extra special podcast mash-up, #TeamAboutRace sat down with Dana Stevens of Slate’s Spoiler Special to discuss Dope, the new drama-comedy from writer and director Rick Famuyiwa. Spoiler number one: we loved it! Like, really, really, loved it. Listen to us get all nostalgic and shit, below. (PS: Please listen to it AFTER you’ve seen the movie).


NEWISH Episodes of About Race

by admin on June 1, 2015


My bad. I haven’t posted our latest episodes (mostly) because I’ve been caught up in reading and researching and prepping for a camping trip to Havasu Canyon I’ll be embarking on real soon (more later, promise). Below are links to the episodes I have not posted! For other formats and links galore, please visit our site. Shalom.

PS: If you like or love us, please rate our podcast on iTunes and spread the word!


#005: The “I Check All The Boxes” Episode. Here, we discuss the controversial New York Magazine feature “Can Racism Be Stopped in the Third Grade?”; the perils in store for black academics on social media; and the first season of ABC’s “American Crime.”

#004: The B-Side. On this joint, we discuss your questions and feedback about Episode #004: The “Recorded After Certain Events in Baltimore” Episode.

#004: The “Recorded After Certain Events in Baltimore” Episode. On this episode, we discuss the media’s treatment of recent events in Baltimore; why black women, Latinos, and Native Americans are being left out of the current debate on police brutality; and a new study on race, neighborhoods and social mobility.


A New About Race Extra: #003: The B-Side

by admin on May 11, 2015


Because we’ve been reading and processing your feedback, our About Race crew decided we’d drop extras into the mix. Here, we discuss listener questions and feedback about the “Recorded Before Certain Events in Baltimore” episode (available below). Check it out. Tell a friend. Also, make sure to visit to sign up for our newsletter and subscribe via iTunes and RSS feed.


QUESTION FOR YOU, FOLKSWhat did you think of season one of ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat? Let us know, and we’ll air your thoughts on ABOUT RACE next week…would love to hear some thoughts from second-generation Americans. Paz!

Here, we discuss the first season of ABC’s Fresh off the Boat; the complicated politics of whites adopting racial identities that are not their own; and the social media phenomenon of the Dixon Challenge. Tell us what you think!


Check it out and do your part to help us arrive at a post-racial state in America by passing it on! Come on, you know you want to. Visit our site and subscribe to our newsletter, peruse our show notes, subscribe via iTunes, or just stare at our head shots. It’s all good, fam!

On this episode, Baratunde, Tanner y yo discuss the shooting of Walter Scott in South Carolina, the colorism debate surrounding Kendrick Lamar’s fiancee, and the laughable attempts of Mindy Kaling’s brother to use affirmative action to get into medical school.

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