Untitled Reggaetón Project

Director, Producer: Raquel Cepeda
Executive produced by:
mass appeal


Cepeda is currently directing and producing an Untitled multi-part series about the sociopolitical and cultural history of Reggaetón, executive produced by Mass Appeal. Thus far, interviews have been filmed in Panama City, Río Abajo and Colón, Medellín, San Juan, Miami, Chicago, and New York City. The project aims to place Reggaetón, and by extension, the urban Latinx music genre, in a more serious context, one that aims to be a definitive look at the culture. The project will be empowering for those who already identify with the genre and will put it in serious contention with other genres ranging from country to hip-hop and rock. While the body of the story will be slick, beautiful, and sexy, the DNA of the piece will be nuanced, historical, and will position the genre as something more than a compilation of hits and moments here and there. We believe that it’s long overdue.