A New About Race Extra: #003: The B-Side

GREETINGS FAMILY: Because we’ve been reading and processing your feedback, our About Race crew decided we’d drop extras into the mix. Here, we discuss listener questions and feedback about the “Recorded Before Certain Events in Baltimore” episode (available below). Check it out. Tell a friend. Also, make sure to visit showaboutrace.com to sign up for our newsletter and subscribe via iTunes and RSS feed.

#003: The “Recorded Before Certain Events in Baltimore” Episode is OUT!!!

QUESTION FOR YOU, FOLKS: What did you think of season one of ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat? Let us know, and we’ll air your thoughts on ABOUT RACE next week…would love to hear some thoughts from second-generation Americans. Paz! Here, we discuss the first season of ABC’s Fresh off the Boat; the complicated politics of whites adopting racial identities that are not …