Travel Writing, Mythos, Ancestral DNA, and other Morsels with Amy Gigi Alexander

I’m stoked to be featured on #wanderwoman Amy Gigi Alexander‘s blog! She’s a pretty freaking talented travel writer and her fiercely¬†evocative pieces are #swoonworthy. Below is a sample of the piece. Click below to read the conversation in its entirety. CONTINUE READING THE CONVERSATION HERE

CNN Latino in America Commentary "But What’s a Latino?"

NEW YORK (CNN) — Let’s all pretend to be the astrologer Walter Mercado for a moment. Say we predict that the Obama administration’s master plan to engage people of Latino/Hispanic/Spanish origin proves to be effective. Let’s say that along with strategic partners Telemundo and the Census Bureau, they somehow manage to corral the millions of “Latinos” into filling out the …