Origins: Djali Rancher

Djali Rancher

|ˈʒɛˌɑli| |ˌrøntʃər|


1. a commercial operation that produces content in both film and multimedia journalism: The concept for the feature documentary “Bling: A Planet Rock” was created by Raquel Cepeda for djali rancher in 2001.

2. a production company that develops and produces celebrity-driven, globally conscious documentaries and feature films: Raquel Cepeda is a product of the hip-hop generation and a filmmaker and writer who is able to present, via her djali rancher production company, urban culture in the authentic language of a fluent partici- pant.

ORIGIN time immemorial: (1) West African, djali (sometimes spelled jeli and jali) translation: “griot”. Today, we may argue that these repositories of oral tradition have adapted hundreds of years later and found a promising vehicle in hip-hop’s lyrical manifestation: The god Rakim Allah is one of hip-hop’s djali Supremes. (2) djali is Cepeda’s daughter’s name.

ORIGIN early 19th century: verb rancher [-ing] from Spanish rancho; to run a ranch, in this instance, a ranch teeming with fresh concepts.

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