Recognizing My Saints

Happy Cinco de Mayo, amigos! It’s been a minute but I had to leave you in order to save myself! I’m having Mercury Retrograde moment. Okay, it’s not that deep but, well, maybe it kind of was. I’ve been busy and, for a minute, overwhelmed. If you follow me on Twitter‘gram, or FB, then stop reading this jawn because you I’ve been dropping nuggets all along, and trying keep up with folks.

I’m looking forward to our About Race re-launch because I need to drop at least one or three “I-told-you-so’s” about el Donald: I told you not to sleep on him. Many of you did. And so, the Xenophobic Giant has awoken and managed to capture the bile hearts and gullible minds of Americans who have, until he bumrushed the scene like Columbus, felt like the ugly stepchildren of  the GOP.

Speaking of Columbus: we went underground and brought our documentary, Some Girls, to rough cut stage. We are all happy with it at this moment. 4+ years deep into the ride, we are digging the way the narrative has taken shape and the animated sequences, created by Flickerlab, have come together. A nugget: one of the animated sequences is a People’s History of Columbus. It’s freaking ah-ma-zing. Biased. Another morsel: 7 X Grammy nominee and master percussionist, Bobby Sanabria, is composing an original score.


My book, East of Broadway, is starting to reveal itself. I don’t like writing what I know about but rather, what I want to learn more about. I’m going to let that marinate while I sip on this Tecate (for my Mexican massive and to celebrate my book, Bird of Paradise, being adopted for a Latinx identity in literature class at The New School this fall.)

Also, my husband’s other supergroup, The Wilding Incident, premiered a new music video for their debut track, “Prey for the Wolfpack,” on Mass Appeal. My kiddo makes a cameo in it. Check it out.

Stay blessed for success, folks.


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  1. I’m a new listener to Show About Race and I’ve been catching up. I have to give you props, you’re one of the only people that actually foresaw this happening! We thought this wouldn’t have happened in our craziest nightmares.

    Does anyone comment on blogs? Will you ever see this? I’m not quite sure. I just want to say thank you. I’m a mid 20s white girl who has lived a modest yet very privileged life. I’m trying my best to educate myself on the current affairs of racial and social injustice. Your honest conversations have truly helped me see things from another perspective.

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