Eat, Pray, Read: BuzzFeed List Love

I’ve survived a couple of tough though crazy-productive months since we took an ABOUT RACE hiatus (which we’re trying to get back on track, soon, soon, soon…#pinkypromise!). More on all the progress later—have to get back to grant-writing in a few—but I wanted to share this cool list I came across with you. After laboring through two film grants and delivering them on time last Friday, I came across some list-love on BuzzFeed. What was cool about this list for me was that it came from book lovers, from the people, rather than mainstream reviewers (who, as you know, still render us invisible unless someone they find palatable—usually a male—opens the proverbial door with a blurb). BuzzFeed Books asked their subscribers to write in about a book that changed their lives: my book, Bird of Paradise, found its way onto that list. Check it out by clicking onto the image, below.



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