The Cipher Show and ‘ting

So, I’m hoping you’ve signed up for my monthly-ish newsletter (which I’ll send over the weekend) and or keep up with me on social media because it’s been crazy-hard as of late to blog on a daily, even weekly basis. We just got back from London, where Sacha was screening his documentary Fresh Dressed at BFI, and Brussels, where we met, um, Manneken-Pis and stayed at an AirBNB flat that, to my delight, came equipped with a heavy-bag! I came back the day before we recorded the podcast—listen to it here (and listen to my unintentional fuck-up of “Maddow,” as in Rachel, in the ad: #jetlag)—and, after binge-watching docs, ready to go back in to the studio with fresh eyes. Feel me?!

Ok, here is a podcast I was recently featured on called The Cipher Show in where Shawn and Josh forced me back down memory lane (including some avenues I hadn’t wanted to venture down again) and produced an well researched and thorough interrogation interview for your listening pleasure. Shout out to them for the love and listen to these guys: they know their ish!

Oh, and we just dropped the “Diversity Drinking Game” B-Side, featuring Intersection’s Jamil Smith. ‘Twas fun.

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