#TravelTuesday Rewind to Havasupai Indigenous-American Res

Earlier this month, I wrote a story about traveling to the remote Havasupai Reservation’s campgrounds, located at the bottom of a gorge off the Grand Canyon, for the New York Times, Travel section.  I wanted to post a little something extra, in honor of #TravelTuesdays. First, I tried to upload a much longer clip of our helicopter ride down to the Havasupai Reservation from Hualapai Hilltop but, as Mercury retrograde would have it (countdown to Thursday), my computer kept crashing every time I tried to upload a larger file. This went on for hours. So here, alas, is a short snippet of our brief and yet exhilarating helicopter ride down, down, down. Some visitors opt to hike down by foot, others by mule, but since we were traveling with a three-year-old and because I wanted to show my family a different POV of this beautiful landscape, I opted for a ride down in the bosom of a rather noisy but relatively smooth steel bird. Marceau loved it!


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