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My bad. I haven’t posted our latest episodes (mostly) because I’ve been caught up in reading and researching and prepping for a camping trip to Havasu Canyon I’ll be embarking on real soon (more later, promise). Below are links to the episodes I have not posted! For other formats and links galore, please visit our site. Shalom.

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#005: The “I Check All The Boxes” Episode. Here, we discuss the controversial New York Magazine feature “Can Racism Be Stopped in the Third Grade?”; the perils in store for black academics on social media; and the first season of ABC’s “American Crime.”

#004: The B-Side. On this joint, we discuss your questions and feedback about Episode #004: The “Recorded After Certain Events in Baltimore” Episode.

#004: The “Recorded After Certain Events in Baltimore” Episode. On this episode, we discuss the media’s treatment of recent events in Baltimore; why black women, Latinos, and Native Americans are being left out of the current debate on police brutality; and a new study on race, neighborhoods and social mobility.

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