“Fresh Dressed” Like a Million Bucks

My husband Sacha Jenkins, director of the documentary, Fresh Dressedout this Friday the 26th—sat down yesterday morning with the legendary Dapper Dan, for an interview with Elvis Mitchell. Now, everyone who listens to my podcast or has engaged me in at least two minutes of convo over the last several months knows I’m like the Pope of the church of American Crime. I haven’t been so engrossed and, quite frankly, moved, by something transmitted through my tell-lie-vision since watching The Central Park Five documentary. And the latter is nonfiction!  Anyways, Elvis Mitchell hosted the podcast and I listened to and saved each episode. I was so jealous of the access he had, not so much to the actors, but the people who put it together behind the scenes. I wanted to be down. Like, badly. Anyways, this was an excellent interview and I’m not saying this because he’s my husband but, go watch the film!!! You will dig it. My word is bond.

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