Our National Conversation About Conversations About Race, or ABOUT RACE, is Live and Direct

I wanted to hip you to a new podcast I’m super proud to be co-hosting with authors Baratunde Thurston and Tanner Colby, called Our National Conversation About Conversations About Race, or simply, ABOUT RACE. We debuted our first “Hey Starbucks, Will You Sponsor Us?” episode, embedded here, yesterday on the spanking new Panoply network, the audio arm of The Slate Group. Listen to us discuss the Starbucks “Race Together” fiasco; the issues of race, class, and identity raised in This American Life’s “Three Miles” episode, and the ongoing debate over black celebrities and “The New Black.”

When you have a moment, please visit our site and sign up for our newsletter if you are so inclined, check out some of our show notes, find iTunes and Android subscription links, and more (much more as we roll the site out). We will, with your support, end racism one podcast at a time, or at least make the conversation less binary than what we see in the media today.

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