#002: The “Could Black Lives Maybe Start to Matter Just a Little Bit” Episode is Live & Direct

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On this episode, Baratunde, Tanner y yo discuss the shooting of Walter Scott in South Carolina, the colorism debate surrounding Kendrick Lamar’s fiancee, and the laughable attempts of Mindy Kaling’s brother to use affirmative action to get into medical school.

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  1. I understand that you want mock Vijay Chokalingam for his transparent attention seeking, but just because he has an Indian name which is similar to Oprah’s nickname for her genitals doesn’t make it a clever putdown. You’ve done it in two episodes now (2 and 3). It’s eyerollingly childish and a little ugly. I can promise you that there are real kids in American highschools named Vijay (or Vijaya, the female equivalent) who must endure this taunt on a daily basis. Be better than that.

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