Conversations #AboutRace at the Brooklyn Historical Society

Forgive me for not posting this sooner—so, in the future, if I don’t post for a while, check out my social media feeds, links on the right hand side under FOLLOW RAQUEL, for wassup with me—but I’m playing catch-up because I’ve been caught up in a mostly awesome whirlwind these past couple of weeks. Below is an event authors Baratunde Thurston, Tanner Colby and myself did last week at the Brooklyn Historical Society. We decided to make the panel a dry run for a podcast I’ll tell you about in the near future. And really, to keep it real, I am surprised CSPAN went ahead and aired this joint, with all the cursing, drinking, and whatnot.

Here, a snapshot of our "amalgamagical" audience in Brooklyn!

Here, a snapshot of our “amalgamagical” audience in Brooklyn!

So, a Black dude, a white guy and a Latina decided to have a frank conversation about race, and this is what happened. FOLLOW THIS LINK:

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