You Too Can Jumpstart Latino History Month(s) By Buying Yourself the Gift of Knowledge

Ok, full disclosure: Someone actually reminded me that it’s Latino History Month. I forgot that today was the official kick off until a homegirl sent me this really sweet Buzzfeed article. I was on the site earlier today but missed the piece because I was dumbstruck by Urban Outfitters latest low, the hawking of a “vintage Kent State” sweater with red stains reminiscent of splattered blood. I was like WTMF?! They are already known for allegedly cold-jacking young and lesser known designers, but this?! Wow.

Back to Latino History Month. I don’t think our history should be crammed down students throats for a month year. And, you know, the stories are all the same one-note narratives about how the Latino/as who found true success here in North America did so by the grace of total assimilation and acculturation into the perceived mainstream. We are way more complicated than that, yo. Latino history is American history. I mean that literally. The New World as we know it began in Santo Domingo, for better and for worse. I wrote about it in my book Bird of Paradise: How I Became Latina. Do yourself a huge favor and buy it. Even if you don’t identify with my personal coming-of-age story, I guarantee that it will be the most illuminating thing you learn during this Latino History Month(2) 2014. My word is bond.

Inspired by the #WhatLatinoMeansToMe hashtag partay, I decided to join in on the fun and make my own signpost because, really, shouldn’t we meet folks where they’re at?

(PS: Shout out to my homeslice, author and educator Jose Vilson for helping me getting my site back up yesterday after I was alerted that it had been down all weekend: couldn’t do it without you, bro!)



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