“Here and Now” on WABC-TV with Dr. Brenda Greene

Earlier today, Dr. Brenda Greene (hip-hop artist Talib Kweli has inherited his mother’s brilliant oratory genes) and I were guests on Here and Now on WABC-TV, hosted by Sandra Bookman. We were there to promote the forthcoming 12th bi-annual National Black Writers Conference, going down at Medgar Evers college in Brooklyn, where I’ll be sitting on a panel titled Shifting Identities in Africa and the African Diaspora. I took a precious minute to talk about the paperback release of my book, too, and to talk about what I think it means to be Latina, or as I identify, a dominiyorkian, today.

There are so many cool things happening at the conference this year. For details on all the events, visit the Center for Black Literature’s website.

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