Talks at the Schomburg: Rewind


It was an awesome evening in at the Schomburg in Harlem, my birthplace and former residence (I used to live in Lenox Terrace for a jaunt in the late ’90s). What was supposed to be a reading and conversation moderated by Maria Hinojosa between novelist Daniel Alarcon and I turned into something greater: a deep and honest dialogue between the audience members and us about identity, boxing, and checkboxes (or rather, how to bust out of them!). Although we could barely make out people’s faces because of the way the stage was lit, we could feel the crowd…and they wanted to engage. It was especially wonderful to see a row full of high school students in the house, and cool to give them the floor to ask questions and comment on what us old folks were talking about. I feel blessed each and every time I get to share my experiences with people who are willing to listen. And, after our respective book signings, I was left thinking about all the stories and experience the people I met entrusted me with. We are all interconnected, all responsible for each other. Thank you all: it was kismet.

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