I Fought Last Night To Knock Out Cancer & Won!!! #HaymakersForHopeNYC

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I won my first fight, in the master’s division, last night: not a bad way to continue my year-long 40th birthday celebration which started back in Gemini!!! It was cool, although I must admit that I never envisioned debuting in front of 1500 people at the Hammerstein Ballroom at a huge charity event. The ring was a bit disorienting because it was larger than the one I had been sparring in at Mendez, and I was a bit deflated by the technical glitch that happened during my intro video and ended after my introduction—the audience only heard the great announcer David Diamante say my last name the second time. Bummer. No matter. I went in and managed to shake off my nerves by round two…and I won. So, it was a great night after all. The best news, however, came this morning when I read in an email from one of  Haymakers For Hope‘s founders, that they raised about $575,000 so far, exceeding the organization’s expectations. Andrew and David Myerson, and the amazing Golden Glove champ Julie Kelly, are rock stars. I’m so honored to have been part of this great charity, blessed even. All of our fights should be posted on the site within the next several weeks or so…stay tuned.

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