AL JAZEERA’S THE STREAM: Uncovering Latina suicides

Earlier today I took part in a discussion on Al Jazeera’s The Stream about what’s driving the high depression and suicide ideation rates in America with my homegirl Beatriz Coronel (LIP), anthropologist Lauren Gulbas, and Eric Ibarra.


Latina teenagers have one of the highest rates of suicide among teens in the United States. In many cases they share a common thread: they are first-generation Americans with immigrant parents – and they find themselves caught between old traditions and their American life. So what is driving these girls to the brink of hopelessness and what is being done to stop it?



Al Jazeera did a great job gathering more information, statistics and viewer content here for you to peruse. Huffington Post recently published the results of a recent study about the subject that’s worth a read here.

Additionally, while we are still in the production phase of Deconstructing Latina, we are making headway with our girls every day. Our participants are using their results to create self portraits, if you will, adding elements of their enhanced identities into their work. It’s exciting to witness. I’m so looking forward to the next phase of the doc, which I will announce once we get there.

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