When the spirits talk…

I believe that our ancestors and spiritual guides communicate with us often. I’ve always felt the presence of some greater force guiding me through both the good and bad moments of my life. Today, for instance, when I was washing dishes and getting ready to host some friends for dinner, I found this tarot card laying face up in my sink:


By itself, the 9 copas, or cups, signifies prosperity and abundance. This card is an embodiment of the idea behind the law of attraction. It reminds me to think positively and open myself up to receive all the gifts the universe has in store for me.

The tarot also reminds me of an inherent gift that I am told comes from my father’s paternal relatives. I’ve heard my dad tell stories of how his own father and other relatives were gifted tarot readers but I never gave it much thought because of our own strained relationship. I never met my paternal grandfather but several things went down during the research and writing phase of my forthcoming book that brought me closer to this side of the family. I was thinking of this branch of my familial crew all morning and afternoon today, so finding this card added another layer of meaning for me. It showed me that my ancestors are here with me, propping me up and giving me light, and abundance of good things regardless of whether or not I’ve met them in the physical world. They are thinking of me as much as I’ve been thinking of them.

For that, I am so grateful.


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  1. Thank u for sharing your story. I believe this as well. As of late I.have been dreaming of several.of my deceased relatives, to include my father as well as his best friend. I will listen & be more attentive when I wake from my dream next time! Thank u again Raquel!
    Always, Raquel Lynne 🙂

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