Inwood at the dawn of the 1970s

A friend recently turned me on to Goodbye to Glocamorra, a short documentary film about my neighborhood in the 1970s, or more specifically, the lamenting of the arrival of “negroes” and “Puerto Ricans” into this once Irish and Irish-American enclave. It’s surreal to see Broadway back then, a few years before my parents moved into the area. My favorite part of the piece is the interview with a young Good Shepherd priest, Father Travers, which begins at around 15:05. He says that he received many complaints against him for preaching tolerance to a parish with “blinkers on.” Despite their fear, says Father Jerry Travers:

“The national report on civil disorders said that the problem of all the riots and disorders in this country laid with the white man, white racism, and I think this church isn’t taking a strong stand against it.”

Film credit, from the synopsis: This film was originally produced by Radharc, an Irish television network, for broadcast on Irish television. It was re-presented by the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts in 2012 as part of their “Hidden Ireland” cultural series.

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