“This is it! This is it! This is it!” Style Wars Restoration Online Auction

What do Eric Haze,Shepard Fairey, Brad Pitt, James Franco, CRASH, Spike Jonze, and Kelly Klein have in common?  They all donated rare and original artworks to the Style Wars Restoration Project‘s online auction. An extension of a superfresh party at the Bunker Club that went down last Wednesday hosted by Catherine Keener, The Common Good’s Jen Regenstreich, the goddess Kathleen Chalfant and the Bunker Club/Tiny’s & the Bar Upstairs co-owner Matthew Abramcyk, yours truly, and others, this online auction will be be updated throughout the week and will go on until next week (or so).

Please support and read more about our efforts to restore the original negative of the first hip-hop documentary. To read more about the restoration project visit www.stylewars.com.

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