Jamel Shabazz has a {he}ART for Haiti

At 15, Brooklyn born and bred Jamel Shabazz picked up a camera and has, ever since, committed himself to documenting snapshots redolent of urban life in New York City, circa ‘70s and ‘80s. More than thirty years later, we’ve benefited from his gifts in the form of several well-received monographs: Back in the Days, The Last Sunday in June, A Time Before Crack, and Seconds of My Life.

Jamel is dedicated to mentoring youth, both in the field of photography and career planning, most recently worked with the organization, Plays For A Living, another community based organization dedicated to the well being of young people. The theme of the project was Compassion and he used his photographs to inspire and educate.

With all things considered, it didn’t come as a surprise to us when he became one of the first people to open his {he}ART For Haiti. We’ll be auctioning this print titled Best Friends (24 x 24 inches), pictured below. Below, a momentary look into his mind’s eye:

Best Friends

Style master? Joseph Rodriguez

What or whom will you come back as in your next life? I will come back as the Sun

What’s your motto? Each one must teach one

If I could channel any artist, living or dead, it would be the great painter and illustrator Frank Morrison: he’s alive

If I were a photograph, I’d be called Survivor

Sarah Palin is overrated

Favorite destination: my home

God is angry

Art is a divine gift

What quality do you most admire in others? Humility

What quality do you least like in yourself? My openness to share so freely

I can’t live without my faith and mental compass

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