A Piece I Reported for Don Lemmon @ CNN on the 2010 Census

One of the pieces I reported for CNN, on race and the census. More on the way. I had a great time on the panel that followed this piece, featuring Baratunde Thurston from The Onion and Christian Lander of StuffWhitePeopleLike.com (will post when the story becomes available). We were just getting started, so we’re figuring out how to bring it to you all! Stay tuned. In the meantime, a morsel:

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  1. Via email, from R. Daniels

    Raquel, interesting piece on CNN today. I came across a similar situation last year here in Dallas, TX. As a Realtor I am required to submit fingerprints for state licensing and have no issues in doing so. However, on the form last year was a slot for ‘skin tone.’ I was quite dismayed to see this since I am an Asian Indian and my skin color changes throughout the year.

    I reached out to my local organizations regarding the ‘skin tone’ question, but received very little response. Maybe because I am a minority I took more offense to the question, but I really feel that it is a redundant question since they take our photographs during the fingerprint session.

    Anyway, just thought that I would add my two cents.

    keep up the good work


    R. Daniels a.k.a Beige Brown

  2. Via FB, From J. Tomas:

    Domincano! Mixed Native,..I don’t like the word Negro because it means a object and not a human being I am mixed its the only outdated category I dont understand how Black doesn’t have other boxes to write in where your descendants are from like LAtino does ooh thats write the Black Congressional Congress fought to keep it off…for thier own … See Morebenefit as far as having a bigger voting block…how selfish..and typical of how outdated the United Staes race classifications are..My whoel family will be putting Mixed/Dominican!…Taino,Fulani,Yoruba,Spanish etc..

  3. We got to start asking ourselves if is that really important to be labeling us. The “Negro”, “Black” thing is absurd, while in translation means the exact same thing, in english “Negro” could be considered insulting.

    I dont think knowing the amount of diferent color or religion is important for us; so with the racial slots, somebody is chewing a huge piece of shoe around office.

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