Support the Style Wars Restoration Project!

I’m honored to serve on the board of the Style Wars restoration project. Every dollar we raise will help us get a step closer to restoring this important historical document. YOU can help us!

Twenty five years after its initial release there is still a strong, global demand for the original hip-hop documentary, Style Wars. In an effort to keep up with this demand we must be able to offer the film in the the most up-to-date formats. We are embarking on a project to restore Style Wars and bring it up to the highest technical standards available today in order to create a High Definition edition of the film. We will be transferring the original 16 mm negativeinto full HD 1080p while cleaning and restoring the film during the process. The HD master will be better, sharper and more brilliant than the original. From it we can strike new prints, author new DVDs and participate in the digital economy.

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