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  1. Why has not campaigned for Haiti?

    People of the environment and the media are surprised that Sonia Pierre, the governor of the dew, has not taken a more active presence in the relief and assistance for quake victims in Haiti.

    Ella, wife of fame as a defender of human rights and related families of U.S. elites, like Kennedy, has not spoken out in favor of their compatriots who are suffering and suffering.

    If you said a word was to be known that he had not been closed, but not because he was in no mood to conduct a campaign to raise awareness forums in which permanently makes allegations against the Dominican Republic.

    Apparently, Pierre cares about Haitians living here, but not by those who inhabit the other side of the island. Those are not their suffering or are interested in their fate, even in the midst of tragedy.

    This misfortune tested the humanity of many people and institutions that when they should demonstrate their real commitment to a cause, run away, hide, its not accepting that these scenarios.

    Who claim to nature? That would not benefit or figuration.

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