Walmart Scuffle or Racism?

CNN’s John King reports this incident, which occurred three years ago at a Walmart in Kennett, Missouri a community “known for racial tension.” Randi Kaye states that this is a classic he-said, she-said case where an African-American preacher’s daughter is being accused of cutting the line and “getting belligerent with the cashier.” White officers were called to the store, they claim, because Ms. Heather Ellis  was “yelling and cursing.” So what happened when she was escorted out of the store?

Police say she started threatening them and became combative and resisted arrest, stiffening her body and such. Ms. Ellis remembers it differently: the white officers followed her out of the store with a series of racial remarks that included the “N-word and everything you could imagine.”

Ms. Ellis is facing 15 years in prison if found guilty of assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace. She’s never been in trouble with the law.

What do you think may have happened here?

Follow correspondent Randi Kaye’s blog for the latest on this case. The comments are interesting and worth a read. The web, which enables anonymous and uncensored streams of thought, is a true barometer for what people in this country attitudes towards race.

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  1. It’s hard if not impossible to answer that question. Firstly, 15 years in prison for acting out like this is beyond ridiculous. Secondly, I don’t believe she is innocent at all-she probably had a bad day and went ballistic. Happens all the time. I don’t believe the checkout counter person asked her for I.D. for cash that makes absolutely zero sense. Why would a she/he do that? Would you make your own life difficult working a long line of customers by doing that just to mess with someone??? Come on..The racism defense is an easy one and i would use it if i were in that situation. Believe me i am the first person to rush to the defense of people unjustly accused or abused because of prejudice and racsim but this one is VERY difficult to judge. Five cops run after her yelling racist expletives?? If you told me they took her to the precinct and did it there, i would find it more credible. Cops aren’t THAT dumb.

  2. I just saw the viewing of the young black female that lives in Kennet Missoui, and i truly believe she is innocent, to what they are saying in how she behaved and i don’t believe there are any tapes to speak or to show of her behavior and the witnesses that will and if they do come forth, i believe will be white and will be from that Wall-Mart. To everyone that is BLACK, noone ever wants to play the race card, but unfortunately it comes to us all in some way or another, in some form by some of the White race. Not saying that all white people are racist, but majority of them are. If you black people haven’t experienced it in your life, believe you me, you will. When experiencing it you may not say anything about it, sometimes we like to keep things hush hush, so we won’t get in trouble with the law, and nine times out of ten when we report it, especially if it is coming from the whites, we no doubt will be getting hand cuffed first and taken off to jail and it’s hard, but we figure whose going to believe us. Not all BLACK people have tempers or violent behaviors, so in other words, not all black people are looking for fights. nor do we use obscenities when it’s uncalled for and or looking to get into trouble. Today black people are focusing on getting education, to help those who can’t help themselves, and these blacks are living in the finer neighborhoods and some are living in the not so finer neighborhood, but they are all striving for the same purpose to have an education and to live as the free, (people) all across the USA, and there are times when some white people who knows this DONOT want this to happen, once again, not all white people but the MAJORITY. If you really, really listen, you’ll be able to tell yourself that this black female is telling the truth.To those who was back in the day, refresh yourselves and to those who don’t know, you better ask somebody of color. I say to all BLACK PEOPLE, whereever you go, you better take someone with you and you need to ALWAYS TAKE a camera to videotape the situation. Don’t rely on their tapes. PROTECT yourselves. It is going to go back to where it started from, putting or having all black people locked up and keeping them from getting educations or fulfiling there dreams. This female was going to go to school to become a Doctor, and what happen, she had to put her life on hold until the outcome of this mess, and that was 3 years ago. I dont blame her, why start something you can’t finished and she does’nt want to finish in jail. None of us black people do. I have to give it to Lisa Bloom, she’s one woman whose not a racist, but the other Sunny Hostin, she’s black, but we presume that she has not had that happened to her yet, and if she has, like we said it’s a hush hush. Regareless of what materials, she trying to gain, we say she should stick with her black race, especially when she knows or can truly feel they are in the right or telling the truth I have to give her credit, though, she did get her education, now it’s time for her to give back to those who truly needs her, instead of her critizing the black female in Missouri. WE, BLACK PEOPLE need to WAKE UP and REALIZED THAT RACISM STILL EXIST, but just instead of the NOOSE, they’re using PRISON BARS NOW. WAKE UP!!!!

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