Sammy Sosa is…The Alchemist

I caught this interview with Sammy Sosa on Univision‘s Primer Impacto earlier this evening. I’m surprised at how confused Sosa is about cream-gate. He doesn’t understand what’s the fuss. The light skin can be easily explained, he says in the interview: “There’s a cream I have that I put on every night before I got to bed…it’s lightened my skin a bit.” I’d say it’s lightened his skin a lot. When asked if he had stopped using the cream, Sosa laughed and said, “I’ve stopped putting it on a bit because these people have put me—they call me 24 hours a day—my lawyer…it’s incredible.” He wants his fans and the public not to worry because he is enjoying life, he’s traveling a lot, which is why we haven’t seen much of him lately.

Sosa says that his critics have made him look like someone without scruples, someone who’s not in touch with reality. Many Dominicans are criticizing him for denying his race, the report states. This has moved Sosa to address his critics and wet the public’s appetite for the American skin bleaching cream he’ll reveal at a later date. Crazy, huh?

Anchor: Are you, Sammy Sosa, proud of being black?

Sosa: All the time. That’s how I was born, Tony. Now, do I want to [improve] how I look? All my life, I’ve always done so. I don’t see anything wrong with that but I don’t forget where I come from.”

It’s interesting to note that right after this story aired, Primer Impacto asked viewers if they agreed or disagreed with Sosa’s “treatment.” 45% of the responders didn’t see anything wrong with what Sosa’s doing to his skin (and hair and eyes, for that matter).

I wonder if this cream he claims to be using is also responsible for the light eyes and conked hair.

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  1. Via FB
    Cynthia G. C.
    I grew up in California where being light-skinned-ed, with long hair and pretty eyes was IT! Clearly I was the antithesis of this description. Now I realize I was fortunate never learning that bleaching my dark skin was an option. I learned to love myself irrespective of the jokes – “african booty scratcher”, the backhanded compliments “you’re … Read Morepretty to be so dark”. One of the things I loved about moving to NYC in the mid 90’s was my exposure to the myriad of ethnic mixes and cultures. No joke, I particularly loved going up to the doobie spots in Washington Heights where you were assured the best wash and wrap on the east coast and the best china comida. I always hoped to catch the eye of some fine Dominican cat (never happened). I learned that the Dominicans embraced their multi-ethnicity via food, music , even grooming. While I’ve since learned that their are class and race issues in the D.R. reaching far back to the days of Hispaniola it appears that Sammy is airing self-hate, the insipid dirty laundry (however bleached it may be).

  2. VIA FB:
    Spencer Ellis
    man, as much as i admire dude’s smashing power in the game, i am totally baffled by this. kinda scary, kinda confusing. come on sammy. his humility always made me proud of him, but now … not so much.

  3. Via FB:
    From Jessy T
    To be honest I didnt see alot of “self hatred” on the island D.R., especially in San Pedro de Marcoris then again I am light brown, but to be honest in the United States growing up in Virginia I felt in mroe in the south living in North Carolina with “I have indian in my family”, and I am only part black and 75% French, and 75% Irish or Scottish”….. Read Moreand every one knows every barber or salonist will either tell you have “good hair” or “bad hair” and in the movie wiht Chris Rock he tries to even sell african hair, and people said it was UGLY and NO ONE WANTS IT (a black lady said it was UGLY). Many people have turned this into we are prouder than you are or we are blacker than you are but the ugly truth is the entire diaspora doent like to look at itself in the mirror and it rears its head in different forms…Today I even looked at all the stars who are rumored or obviously got nose jobs, its sad. Then again the most well known star who bleached his skin is the world beloved King of Pop. My girl is Nigerian, and she gets the “your pretty for a dark skin gal”, but her African American girlfreidns who are lgith told her one night, they didnt even need to dress up like her, because ” these niggas will holla at me no matter what I have on I am light skin, and we are the queens who will always be worship by black men.” It took her years to adjust to non acceptance of dark skin in the south, the culture of blacks here in America. Can we really be surprised Sosa has these issues living here for 20 + yrs?? Look at the ads here for Beyonce, darkened for Essence and lightened for Elle? It is a African Diaspora, problem.Its pathetic and Shameful, dont beleive me go see “Good Hair”

  4. VIA FB
    From Cynthia G.C.
    I hear you Jessy…I did see Good Hair and thought it was a sad but true commentary on self-acceptance or lack thereof. The language that was used to describe what makes hair ”good” and “nice” was Euro in nature. Not just the black diaspora, it’s in virtually every culture, the lighter the skin, the straighter the hair the better, India, … Read MorePhillipines, you name it, everywhere there was colonization by some Euro power, everywhere someone was dippin’ the lighter, the straighter, the better. HBCU’s in this country were started for the offspring of these “unions”. It is deep and it needs to be uprooted and dealt with. And Raquel, I’ve been meaning to thank you. Much of what I’ve learned about the D.R./Haiti issues have been because of your honesty irrespective of your love and pride for your country. Love speaks the truth.

  5. Via FB:
    From Jessy T.
    I totally agree Cynthia, I learned alot from your books Raquel and also and thanks for having me on! I was deeply saddened after reading you post that 45% thought what Sosa did was ok.

  6. VIA FB:
    From Jessy T.
    I just banned someone from my [Facebook] page , they didnt want to look in the mirror, they said only other groups self hate(like Latinos, AFricans Jamaicans etc..) but not African Americans so when I named a few she got mad…so I blocked her! Such a touchy subject, there have been alot of heated arguments about this subject the last three days.

  7. Via FB:
    From Cynthia G.B.
    It is a VERY sensitive subject, hundreds of years in the making. The seeds were planted and have been meticulously tended to. I don’t think the colonizers even knew how grand their masterpiece would become. Have you read “They Came Before Columbus” by Ivan Van Sertima? Good read.

  8. Via FB:
    From Jessy T.
    YES! Its a very good read, I love reading Junot Diaz and Dr. Louis Torres Salliant. Here is the punchline the person didnt want to admit Micheal Jackson had a self hate thing , she said it was just his skin condition, Im like he didnt even want his own genetics for his kids? Also does that explain the hair and the nose? Its the same thing as Sammy. I am embarrassed like anyone else but sometimes we have to look in the mirror and say we ahve a problem.

  9. Via FB:
    From Cristina V.
    I find Van Sertima’s book as offensive as Pierre Honore’s “In Quest of the White God”—two examples of scholarly hucksterism setting out to “prove” that all our Indigenous ancestors’ achievements couldn’t possibly have been their own, but of course, required Africans or Europeans (or, as per the New Agers, Space Aliens!) to make things happen. … Read MorePeople need to be proud of their own histories and not need to impose them on Native (North/South Caribbean) Americans, gracias. That said, I find both volumes to be very engaging fairytales and good reads 🙂

  10. Raquel thank you for your blog post and not being afraid to express your views on this topic. I know this is off topic but did you hear about this Sofia Vergara’s comment on the view. People are claiming the joke didn’t translate well. I’m sorry rape is rape I don’t care what country you are from. It’s nothing to joke about. Sofia Vergara Knows That Rape Jokes KILL On “The View” –

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