Rihanna Breaks Her Silence But…

In an exclusive interview on Good Morning America earlier today, domestic abuse victim and singer Rihanna, broke her silence to anchor Diane Sawyer. The piece was a teaser for tomorrow night’s edition of 20/20, starting at 10pm, in where the pop princess will reveal what her private life was like with her abuser, the equally famous singer Chris Brown. In the interview, she confesses to going back to Brown “8 or 9” times before the story broke that he beat her down to a pulp. Since, Brown has publicly apologized for abusing Rihanna. But still, his career  suffered due to the shattering of his squeaky clean public image.

Rihanna tells Sawyer: “That’s embarrassing — that’s the type of person I fell in love with. So far in love, so unconditional, that I went back. That’s not what I want to teach people.”

Earlier this year, I was shocked—but, not really—to hear how apathetic people’s attitudes were about domestic violence and how acrimonious they felt towards Rihanna. I interviewed a group of 7th and 8th graders at a school in east Harlem after the attack for the Village Voice. The consensus: she shouldn’t have incited him. Somehow, Rihanna “provoked” the assault, which left her bloodied, bitten and bruised.

I caught The Wendy Williams show while at the gym and was floored—for, like a second—when an audience member who professed to be a mother (of daughters) stated that she was irritated by people “jumping” on Chris Brown because, well, “he’s talented.” I think she got it all wrong. It was Chris Brown, in fact, who quite literally “jumped” on Rihanna. This send out a dangerous message to women and young girls around the country: if you speak up and expose your abuser, you are somehow to blame for airing your dirty laundry. And if you’re a man or boy, you too aren’t expected to exercise self-control if a woman somehow “provokes” you. Especially  if you become famous. Or at least can sing.

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  1. MIrabal,
    It’s bad when anybody hits: man or woman. But on an international (and national) scale, this is a problem that affects women at greater rates than men: 1 in 3 women around the world will become a victim of gender violence at some point in their lives. This is a terrible epidemic. And people’s relaxed attitudes to this situation—for example, this post has only received 2 comments in total, including yours—is making it the world a dangerous place for women to thrive. Men must learn how to control themselves, and take active steps in eradicating violence against women.

    i do not excuse the fools actions in anyway shape or form but i do agree with you at the same time. how come nobody speaks concerning the abuse of men at the hands of predator females?

  2. Mirabal!!! Where did I refer to you as “speaking with stupidity”???? If you took anything I said personally, it was not my intention. I look forward to your comments!!!! Let me re-read my comment above. I didn’t mean to infer that at all.

    you are right raquel and i agree with you. i was looking at another flip side. i know that the flip side i mentioned you have probably heard before from other people. thanks for your input. sorry i forced you to refer to me as speaking with stupidity. i din’t think that i could get under your skin that badd. LOL

  3. I’m concerned we haven’t learned anything from this experience and have gotten caught up in all these opinions. What I hope society has learned:

    1. Not only are Celebrities not perfect, they need guidance and a trustworthy team to support them through the bigger journey of stardom (that doesn’t just include business but also personal development).
    2. If it happens once it’ll happen again (this situation proves that)
    3. Always have someone to talk to about your relationships (apparently neither of them spoke to their closest people about this- if so it might of prevented it)
    4. If you’re a true friend- be concerned about your peers well being in general and make it tradition to talk about relationships
    5. Don’t wait to see if anybody changes, If it happens to you or someone you know please Seek professional help!!

    The way your emotional state & conscious reacts to violence is unpredictable! Please don’t take the risk of keeping it to yourself!

    Joseph Sanchez
    Uptown Champs
    Hip Hop Facilitator

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