Don’t Miss This CRASH Show: It’s Good For You!

No canvases, just guitars. In ’96, John CRASH Matos painted an Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster. He’s one of my favorites people. Take a peek into this style master’s mind’s eye:

Style Icon? Roberto Clemente

What or who will you come back as in your next life? Probably a Jazz/Blues musician.

What’s your motto?  Everything in my life, when I express it, ends with the word “cool.” So, it’s “Cool.”

If I could channel any artist, living or dead, it would be Vincent van Gogh or Max Roach.

If you were a painting, it would be called a Robert Rauschenberg painting.

Death is overrated.

Favorite destination: Barcelona, Puerto Rico, and anywhere spicy.

God is Good.

Graffiti is my life, my passion, my vocation.

What quality do you most admire in others? their work ethic.

What quality do you least like about yourself? My impatience with incompetence.

I can’t live without my girls.

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