Jay-Z and Alicia Keys @ 2009 VMAs…and Lil Mama?!?!

WTF was Lil Mama thinking?! Lovetaps to Jay-Z for the Dominican shout at the beginning of the New York ode “Empire State of Mind.” Feels like Lil Mama and Kanye West committed career suicide last night. MTV Spun it like so:

“As Jay-Z and Keys brought the song to a close, the “Lip Gloss” rapper and “America’s Best Dance Crew” judge joined them onstage. The Brooklyn native’s appearance was unscheduled, but she inserted herself among the music titans as if it were planned. As the legendary rapper and singer posed, Lil Mama did her best B-girl stance beside them.”

Aside from low production standards, they managed to make a funny as they tried to clean up this SISTER’s ACT (word to Lauryn Hill).


OTHER HIGHLIGHTS (there weren’t many):
Best Dressed Woman: Beyonce!; Class Act: Beyonce; Best Performance: Lady Gaga & Pink; Best Filibuster: Madonna talking about herself; Kanye West Award: Lil Mama; Best Choreographed Camel Toe: Beyonce’s backup dancers; Best Janet Jackson impersonation: Janet Jackson; Funniest skit: “Time After Time,” Eminem/Tracy Morgan/Cyndi Lauper; The Paul Shaffer Award: Wale; The Beyonce Downgrade You Award: Lil “WTF” Mama. The Aretha Franklin Fashion Achievement Award: Alicia Keys.

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