Swine on My Mind

Inspired by this piece on HuffPost about cool things to do with bacon, I decided to recall a few of my favorite rap lyrics about the “other white meat.”

PLEASE, add on.


Track: Ham N’ Eggs; “When breakfast time comes, I don’t recognize/Pig in the pan or a pair of bogey chides” ~ Q-Tip

Track: Ragtime; “What’s mine on the line on a rhyme I will dine/ Never ate the pig can’t deal with the swine/ Keep on, yes my word is bond.”~ Derek X/Sadat X

Track: My Philosophy; “…hear it first-hand from the intelligent brown man/ A vegetarian, no goat or ham/ Or chicken or turkey or hamburger/ ‘Cause to me that’s suicide self-murder.” ~ KRS-One

Track: Eggs And Swine; “No no no, green eggs and swine/ But they keep edgin to my plate, I step back and say/ Thanks, cause I just ate.” ~ 3rd Bass

Track: And You Don’t Stop; “Swine nigga’s come as hard as a pork rind/ Can you dig it? Only five percent live it.” ~ Wu-Tang

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  1. Mos Def, “Double Trouble” – What I memorized leave your whole staff pressurized, Melt down all of your artificial lies, Y’all niggaz is faker than Yellow No. 5, Swine like mono and diglyceride,
    My vocals got texture, you just texturized

  2. “think of the damage that swine does you will find a new way of eatin’ beacasue bein’ piggish is far from discreet at the end of the day i guess you are what you eat” -Monie Love “Swiney Swiney”

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