Human Trafficking: The Fastest Growing Criminal Enterprise In The World

I came across this piece reported by CNN’s John Vause about parents of missing kids in China complaining of police indifference and harassment. I don’t think any of us are surprised to read reports about police apathy. What’s alarming is the global pandemic of human trafficking. Watching this piece reminded me of an instance relayed to me by someone working in Sierra Leone. He told me that a colleague was en route to meet him and decided to bring her son. He wanted a piece of fruit so she stopped to purchase one for him on a frenetic, Freetown street. The woman looked up for a few seconds to pay for the fruit and noticed that in a flash, her son went missing. Vanished. Just like that. She looked all over the market for him but he was nowhere to be found.

The reasons for human trafficking are many: for organs, child labor, prostitution and, perhaps in this case, illegal quickie adoptions. An estimated 14,500 to 17,500 people, primarily women and children, are trafficked to the U.S. annually.

Startling Facts about Human Tracking from Doctors At War:
• 75% Of Human Trafficking Is For Sexual Exploitation
• 75% Of All Victims Of Human Trafficking Are Female
• Over 50% Of All Human Trafficking Victims Are Children
• Human Trafficking Is The Fastest Growing Criminal Enterprise In The World
• Human Trafficking Is The Second Largest Criminal Enterprise In The World
• There Are An Estimated 27 Million People Trapped In Slavery At This Moment • There Are An Estimated 13 Million Children Trapped In Slavery At This Moment

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  1. just saw a report on a pimp called PRINCE who ran a huge operation out of JERSEY CITY (from an exclusive housing estate) ~ stalking the greyhound buses at the port authority, the old-fashioned way ~ and had his mama, girlfriend and nephew as co-pimps. thousands of women forced over years to service tricks or be beaten~ in jersey!

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