Genius: Nike & Wieden Paying Homage to ’90s Hip-Hop

Yo, this is genius. David Griner @ Ad Freak writes:

“Don’t Criticize (Hyperize)” is a bizarre and endearingly subtle parody of ’90s hip-hop featuring Rashard “Ice-O” Lewis, Andre “Chief Blocka” Iguodala, Kevin “Velvet Hoop” Durant and the always awesome Mo Williams, who claims one of the best rap pseudonyms ever with “Fog Raw.”

I totally agree: “Fog Raw” is way fresher than any basketball-cum-rappers to drop a load on ’em in the ’90s. (Remember Shaq-Fu? Yikes.) I love the Africa medalion and kente cloth pants on emcee “Velvet Rope,” and the old ladies dancing throughout in the background are fabulous. “Ice-O” is so corny it’s fresh. The best thing about this video, though, may be that this faux-trio knows how bad they are, which makes them kind of good.

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