Trekking up a fortress in Graz for a cup of Cafe

Schlossberg photo by Raquel CepedaLast night, our homegirl Mai suggested that we should visit the Starcke Haus Café and Restaurant in the early afternoon to taste a proper cafe before heading over to the graffiti “Wall of Fame” at the museum LM Joanneum. She mentioned that it was atop a hill that overlooks the city (that bore a Terminator-cum-California Governor), and just feet away from another site I mentioned wanting to visit called the Uhrturm (Clock Tower). A tiny man with a legendary complex forced the locals to raze the Schlossberg fortress themselves—what a way to add insult to injury—in 1809 during the French invasion. The townspeople made a deal with the little man: they paid him a king’s ransom of 2987 florins and 11 farthings to spare the clock and preserve a remnant of their former selves.

From where we stood, it didn’t look to bad. But I didn’t expect to have to climb that many steep stairs (I lost count midway), especially in fitted jeans and a pair of havaianas in the midday heat. Sure, there’s a Glass Lift that whips you up to the top of the huge rock in minutes but we decided to take the road less traveled for the prize: café amaretto, a slice of an impossibly light chocolate cake with crème fraiche, and a breathtaking view of this old and quaint city.

By the time we made it halfway up the Schlossberg, I was slipping out of my flip-flops and trying to mask my heavy breathing from SHR and Mai. The sweat, the pain, the throbbing thighs—it was totally worth the view!

Almost halfway up SchlossbertHalfway up!

The Clock Tower by Raquel CepedaEureka! The Clock Tower

Starcke Haus by Raquel CepedaStarcke Haus Cafe and Restaurant

Cafe AmarettoThis Cafe Amaretto was worth it! It was clean, strong and smooth

Chocolate cake @ Starcke Haus! by Raquel CepedaQuiet as kept, I didn’t want to share this with anybody!

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  1. Ooooh pwettty…Oh, the view is aiight, too. But, that foam, oh that gorgeous foam atop your cup-O-joe….breathtaking, ma!

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