Snapshots of Fania Worship, New York City Style!

I think it’s important to temper my blog with snapshots of the things—a night of dancing salsa to the Fania gods, for intance—that allow for exorcising the stressed out spirits that weigh us down. DJs Bobbito Garcia and Sake1 are dear friends of mine and two individuals who are fervent students and spinners of good music.   During last night’s Fania tribute @ Santos, they had everyone—African-American, Latino, white, Asian, Purple, Gray, and everything else in between—dancing their @sses off until the very last song! Hope to be celebrating like this again once Sonia Sotomayor is confirmed!

DJ Sake 1 DJ Sake 1’s Fania Live mix is a bust cop: incredible.

Folks dancing @ Fania tributeWe danced from the very first song until the last!

Kimi and Bobbito GarciaThe beautiful ones: Kimi and Bobbito

Bobbito and Joan Morgan Bobbito Garcia and Joan Morgan getting down

Serato and dancersThe crowd from the DJ booth

DJ Sake 1, Raquel Cepeda, Lumumba BandeleFollow us on twitter @sake1underful @raquelcepeda @lumumbabandele

Joan Morgan and Victor-Pierre MelendezJoan Morgan and Victor-Pierre Melendez

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