Planet hip-hop: Graz, Austria

DSC03080GRAZ. At the (really foul smelling) lobby (think Bikram yoga) of Amedia Hotel, you’ll find this print of Einstein sticking his tongue out at you. He’s trying to tell you, “brace yourself, it only gets worse from here.” And boy,  does it. Don’t believe the hype behind the photos on their site, in real time, it’s way different. They don’t make the best use of space here. Out of 5 stars, I’d give it a 1. And I’m being generous. On the bright side, the staff is nicer than I expected. On the bright side, we only stop here to sleep and take showers—plus, the Four Elements folks picked up the tab—so it works out just fine.

Speaking of which, I was afraid, very afraid after seeing this video on You Tube of a “hip-hop dance champion” that the scene was going to be ubercorny. But by the end of the day, though, I was pleasantly surprised after hearing the local hip-hop group RAF take the mic at their mixtape release party at the Forum Stradtpark Keller. While I didn’t understand what the heck they were saying, it at least sounded cool.

UPDATE FRI: 3/31 @ 9:30PM Graz time: While I am still not exactly sure what they were rapping about last night, I did hear that many people complained about the sexism in RAF’s lyrics. So, I’m pretty sure the content in the video below is consistent with the average sh!t we hear back home in the States. It’s also important to note that the RAF massive are also really well known for their socially conscious tracks.

Austrian Hip-Hop Group RAF @ Forum Stradtpark Keller from Raquel Cepeda on Vimeo.

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  2. Sorry to hear about the 1 star quality (reality) of your resting place.

    On another note, it seems as though hip hop is appreciated the world over. This reminds me (not that I was alive) of the way the world embraced jazz many years ago. I hope hip hip does not suffer the same fate as jazz. It would be sad to see another artform that we created fall by the wayside in the US, while the world continues to embrace it.

    I was feelin’ the RAF song. Nice flow and they have good energy. When I don’t understand the language, my ears treat the voice as an instrument.

    Thanks for sharing.

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