Paris, A Day in Pictures

We walked about seven miles today. I am so grateful I didn’t wear heels! If you have a fresh pair of kicks, by all means bring at least two pairs. Paris is a gorgeous city (though I am excited to make an exit for the outskirts where my peeps live at some point this week). On stereotypes, true story of the day; I ran into some middle-Americans (I could tell by the accents) who were almost screaming at one another on line at the bathroom in the cafeteria adjacent to the the Rodin museum. And two out of the three ladies didn’t wash their hands after using the (filthy) toilette. The very long line looked in dismay as they made room for the chubby and obese girls to exit.

Katre @ Fondation CartierPiecebook Battle c0-winner Katre threw this up in the wee hours of the morning

ResoReso was right there with him…wondering how many cans they have left

JacksonMichael Jackson mania is still alive and kicking here

EiffelI personally think it’s kinda ugly, but there’s always a scene @ the tower that’s fun to watch

Rent-a-BikeThis is why Parisians can get away with eating lots of baguettes and fromage, and drinking gallons of wine per year: the rent-a-bike.cappuccino, water, croissant Cappuccino, water, croissant: this is life.

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  1. Hi! really fresh and amusing article about simple but very interesting details that you can find in Paris. Cool and descritive pictures also. But the last one disturbed me a little. I’m going for a cappuccino right away!!
    Warm Regards.


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