Last Stop, Vienna

Vienna is fresh. We had a great time taping  DJ Phekt‘s Crate Digger hip-hop show (will post when it goes live) which is broadcast throughout Austria, parts of Germany and Switzerland. It’s refreshing to talk to someone about hip-hop as a culture and not just rap music. We’re thankful to Phekt for the love, and we felt lucky to have been invited to build with the global hip-hop community: finding a prism through which we can talk about art, politics, culture, society, and the benefit of travel  is important in breaking down the borders that divide us. Hip-hop brought me here and I’m forever indebted to it—though admittedly, I still have a love/hate relationships with Her—for taking me on a very bumpy but always magical ride on its linoleum carpet. And it won’t stop. Danke und Auf Wiedersehen Austria. Let’s do this again.

DJ PhektDJ Phekt is the illest

St. Stephen's Cathedral

Cathedral Stephansdom is hundreds of years older than the Americas.

Julius Meinl "cofee boy" logo Meinl is Vienna’s leading coffee Roaster for the last 145 years. They may want to revisit this hotly debated logo.

Dragon Fruit @ NashmarktDragon fruit @ Nashmarkt

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