Graz Rewind: last note…the (fake) Peruvian Flute Bands

I’m just saying, some of my new friends in Graz told me that a lot of the bands passing themselves as authentic Peruvian flute bands were, um, bogus. Fake or real, I find them crazy annoying! Anyway, this flute band reminded me of South Park. It’s true, they are everywhere!


“Peruvian” Flute Band in Graz, Austria from Raquel Cepeda on Vimeo.

Reminded me of this….

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  1. VIA Facebook, from Cristina V.

    I am 100% sure that these guys are Indigenous people from the AMAZON, Raquel! They may be Shuar from the Ecuadorian Amazon – and, hmm… I may know one of them, the dude in front!!! Or, they COULD be from the Peru side of the border, even Brazil – but again, Amazonian Indigenous. They’re definitely not Peruvian Quechua or Aymara, that you’d expect… Read More… Read More. With those bands in Europe – that is, the phenomenon of “poser bands” is also, often South American Indian guys portraying some kind of non-specific NORTH AMERICAN Indian flute players, wearing some fake headdresses like from a Plains tribe. Those guys are usually Otavaleños, an Indigenous People of Ecuador. THESE guys, however, don’t look Otavalo, at all. It was my friend Kaasip, who is Shuar (and looks a lot like the guy in front, hmm..?) who first schooled me on the phenom! Interesting… glad you posted on this!

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