Dumpster Diving in Austria

I had to take a 7 hour flight and 2 hour drive to Graz in order to find out about what I learned is an American phenomenon in Austria: dumpster diving. Mai felt so bad that she gave us the wrong directions for a vegetarian spot close to our hotel that she showed up to the Four Elements party last night with a bag of croissants and other goodies she fetched from the supermarket dump. Check it.

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  1. How much fun is Mai!!! Dumpster diving is sooooo much fun. I got a really nice dresser that looks new. I don’t know if I could do food though but it looked fine and I might not be able to resist a product called Aktion! cheese bread.


  2. hi hi, i’m not supposed to tell, but i heard that Raquel did enjoy her Aktion! cheese bread for breakfast…

    MAI: hi hi…u r so funny! — raquel

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