Bill O’Reilly On Jackson’s Memorial Coverage

Bill O’Reilly is fed up again. “The racial thing bothers me a little bit,” he told the surprisingly-intelligent-since-it’s-Fox News Contributor Dr. Marc Lamont Hill. So, predictably, the conservative hypocrite O’Reilly goes on to say that Jackson is bad for a slew of reasons. Dr. Lamont is like, no, your butt is mine and I’m going to tell you why:

“About a year or two ago when Jerry Farewell died, you and I divided this very point. You said [to] give the man three days to a week and let the people mourn him before you start talking about his racist politics…so why are we giving Jerry Farewell something that we won’t even give Michael Jackson?”

There will be plenty of time to spread the vitriol in the coming weeks. But  for now, we should afford Michael Jackson the same grace period other dubious (mostly white) characters have received throughout history.

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