The Year: 1983. The Tragedy: Body Rock.

The wackest “hip-hop” film ever, Body Rock was released in 1984. It starred the dude I saw on a couple of Love Boat episodes: Lorenzo Lamas. However, this scene was shot at some point during the school year in ’83. How do I know? Well, I was there watching the whole tragedy unfold. I had no choice but to watch. The crew blocked anyone from leaving or entering the buildings located on Academy Street, where Lorenzo Lamas is walking across with his “crew.” A large group of Ball Busters, the gang that ran the area, were stoked about being scooped to star as extras in the film. I can remember many of them—girls and boys dressed in matching powder blue Le Tigre shirts, Lee jeans and mostly Adidas kicks—racing down the block to get down. My babysitter Alfida had just picked me and her two kids up from St. Jude’s a few blocks away and we couldn’t enter her second floor apartment on Academy. The  crew also shut down Post Avenue between 204th Street and Academy to shoot a portion of this intro. So we watched from across the street. For hours.

Don’t get me wrong. Hip-hop industry created opportunities for people who considered themselves a part of the culture, to work in film, the recording industry, journalism, publishing, etc. But when it falls into the wrong hangs, well, atrocities like this film and many others we can all recall, happen. But anyways, on the bright side, here’s to you Chilly D.

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  1. FROM Cristina V via FACEBOOK

    Gotta say, Raq; I’d propose “Rappin'” as a strong contender, too, in the “wackest hip-hop movie ever” categor. I have it on VHS and I couldn’t even force myself to get past 1/3 of the way thru. At least in Body Rock I would try to spot any of my unfortunate homies who got roped into that tragedy. Good call-out there, in any case, woman!

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