Lee Quinones: Iz the Wiz Tribute

Last night at the Subway Art 25th Anniversary edition book signing hosted by the Helenbeck gallery, Lee Quiñones toasted Henry Chalfant, Martha Cooper and the late Jack Stewart for their pivotal roles in capturing and preserving hip-hop culture through photography, film, and books. He also paid tribute to the late pioneer Iz the Wiz by reciting a moving poem he wrote. Check it out:

Lee Quinones: Tribute to the late Iz the Wiz from Raquel Cepeda on Vimeo.

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  1. Dope show @ the Helebeck. a good selection of magnificent artist, which were nurtured by decades of graff. Lee’s work…. WOW!! His work has evolved and matured with mind and spirit!

  2. Thanks for the capturing one graff legend honoring another. Truly a sad moment, but one that you captured to share with fans and b-boys worldwide.

  3. It was indeed an honor to know the man, our lost brother Mike, who inspired so many of our generation.

    Well done Sir Lee.

    Rest in Peace big Mike.

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