Jerusalem’s Graffiti Wall Of Rebellion and Resistance!

So, really mysteriously, the video accompanying my previous post, all of the sudden, disappeared from CNN’s video story listing. I deleted it but it was about the writer KING BNE, a story very similar to the one already produced about him by back in 2006 by ABC.

At any rate, this story about Jerusalem’s graffiti wall is way more interesting. While I would have done it differently (How so? Well, I would have included Palestinian rappers and other members of the hip-hop community to speak for themselves and broken it up into 2 or 3 segments), I think Ben Waderman’s piece was—considering his position as a hip-hop outsider—really good. In it, he states that the street artist (as opposed to graffiti artist) Banksy created a piece on the concrete canvas that was viewed as culturally insensitive by some Palestinians: see how they reacted. Check it out for yourselves and tell me what you think!

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