In the Bronx Where the B-Girls Are Fresh

Raquel Cepeda and Rokafella @ the Bronx Museum. Photograph by Fransisco Reyes (copywright 2009)Beat Street is one of my all time favorite films. I went to see it at the Alpine  theater on Dykman in ’84 for my birthday. It blew me away for many reasons, but mainly because that’s where I first laid eyes on b-girl Baby Love. She was the only female battling with the Rock Steady Crew in the legendary Roxy battle scene. Baby Love was, back then, the epitome of what it meant to be fresh to death.  In her, I saw a Latina who looked like me up on the big screen and she was flossing the way all my tween girlfriends and I tried too back then.

I met Baby Love tonight at my home-skillet Rokafella’s documentary screening for All The Ladies Say at the Bronx Museum. It brought be back to ’84. I only wish Lee jeans were still $11.99. I bought a pair six years ago for $80. It’s a different world. Here’s to nostalgia. Sigh.

Flashback to ’84: “Hey You” features Baby Love.

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  1. hey raquel,
    i saw beat street a total of 8 times in the theater in dc as a kid. we were so hyped me and my girlfriends were breakdancing in the aisles. lol. doing the centipede. to this day i know the WHOLE movie by heart. we started our own crew, the Girl’s Immortal Break Masters after we saw homegirl. My back still hurts from trying to do the windmill.

  2. hey raquel,
    i saw the movie beat street when i first fell in love with break dancing back when i was a teenager but i loved the movie and Baby Love was amazing in the movie…I think Beat Street is one for the ages…keep up the good work sis
    Daniel U

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  4. i was at the event im bboy chief leader of floor royalty crew youtube us….i was doin graffiti on paper when ppl was watching the movie

  5. I was at the event as well…I was in Beat Street!
    I had not seen Baby Love in over 25 yrs.. and it was a great re-union.
    Thanks for giving an old move it’s just due, and remembering the Old school peeps!
    Poppin Peaches Rodriguez

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