Che Guevara’s Granddaughter’s "Vegetarian Revolution"

I wouldn’t compare Lydia Guevara’s foray into vegetarian activism to her grandfather’s, as PETA suggests. Still, it’s very cool that she that she has teamed up with PETA, who encouraged her to become a vegetarian, to promote vegetarianism in South America. “Moreover, this lifestyle has become a true revolution that is attracting more people and is an alternative that is healthier for the planet and for humankind,” said Guevara to the Spanish news agency Efe. Vegetarianism is hardly a revolution.

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According to Vegetarian Society: “A vegetarian ideology was practiced among religious groups in Egypt around 3,200BC, with abstinence from flesh based upon karmic beliefs in reincarnation.” But I can overstand why PETA would throw the word revolution around like the secret word of the day on Pee-wee’s Playhouse. Their heart is in the right place, so kudos to them and Guevara.

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  1. This is dope! It’s amazing how far Vegetarianism has come. I remember struggling to find unique and tasty options to eat as a Vegan, but now there is almost every thing in every variety. I’m not sure using the word revolution is appropriate, but maybe evolution is a better fit.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. agreed about the “revolution” misfire. seems like part of the ongoing thing argued in “commodify your dissent,” where radical politics can be transformed into lifestyle marketing. or maybe this idea that individual choice is the only politics people are willing to make – something that seems really…90s?

    regardless, wish the photo had been better.

  3. i am sorry i have a real problem with this flick,
    there needs to be more tiddie, i mean the carrots are blocking the view, i know this is about not eating meat, and i am not trying to put the tiddie on blast, but can i get a visual, maybe a peek aboo situation..
    i mean i am just saying though

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