The Dondi White 10th Anniversary Reunion

I’ve just returned from Hostos Community College, who I must say, sponsor some of the coolest cultural events in all of New York City.  Hosted by James Top and Dr. Weldon C. Williams III, Writers Bench Hip-Hop Awards were given to pioneers that included Henry Chalfant, DJ Disco Wiz and Stay High 149. My daughter Banana Split brought her black book and I, my camera. Check it.

Case 2 and Henry Chalfant

Style Masters: Case 2 “The King of Everything” and “Padre” Henry Chalfant (Grand Master Caz is rocking the baby blue Yankees cap in the background)

Raquel Cepeda and Jonone156

Dominican Power! Here I am with my bro JonOne156, in from Paris for a few days

Indie 184 and Banana Split 204

Indie 184 and Banana Split 204

Henry Chalfant and Stay High 149

Henry Chalfant and the masterful Stay High 149 pose with their Writers Bench awards

JonOne156, Indie 184, Mai

Jonone 156, Indie 184, and photographer du jour Mai Lucas (Jon’s wife and mom of my girls Taika & Shanae)

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