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As expected, the Subway Art 25th Anniversary edition book signing was a huge success for my friend Henry Chalfant, his co-author Martha Cooper, and, perhaps most importantly, Revolution Books. They are in trouble, and may have to shut their irreverent doors if we don’t  support them. While it’s true that we’re all trying to stay afloat in these challenging economic currents, there are ways we can still help: attend an event there; throw a fundraiser;  throw your book party there; donate a few dollars; tell your friends and coworkers about the store; blog it. Whether you agree with their mission or not, one thing’s for sure: what makes New York City so dynamic is the motley crew of citizens that contribute to its ebb and flow. Check out these flicks, below. The ones by Joe Conzo are being published with his permission.

Revolution BooksRevolution Books storefront. Check out Martha Cooper: she’s standing behind the Subway Art poster.

Henry Chalfant, Martha CooperHenry Chalfant and Martha Cooper, by Joe Conzo

Henry Chalfant, Joe Conzo “Padre” Henry Chalfant and one of my favorite photographers, Joe Conzo

Obama-lade @ Revolution BooksDrinking Obama-lade makes you an internationalist, and its tasty.


Kenny Dope, Michael Holman, Bobbito Garcia, Raquel CepedaKenny Dope, Michael Holman, Bobbito Garcia, Raquel Cepeda

Ivan Sanchez holds up his libros!Ivan Sanchez holds up two books he’s authored.

dsc02839The one and only, SHARP and yours truly, Raquel Cepeda

Benicio and Lee QuinonesMy homie Benicio and his dad, the fabulous Lee Quinones

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  1. Man I wish I could have checked this out. That’s a classic pic with you, Bobbito, Michael Holman, and Kenny Dope. Loving this blog as well–Niceness. Keep it coming and I will be here to learn and support.


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