Helenbeck Gallery Whole in the Wall Show Opening

The opening was hot. I am still processing the show which features tons of important artists. I’m going back (several times) to spend time with the pieces I enjoyed most from Lee Quinones, Ikon and JonOne. Here are some of snapshots Joe Conzo and I took from the opening party, in where pizza and brownies were served as appetizers (alas, I didn’t get to sample any):


Blade, Henry Chalfant by Raquel CepedaBLADE and Henry Chalfant

Lee Quinones and baby by JOE CONZOLee Quinones posing in front his, my favorite piece in the show! BY JOE CONZO

dsc02960SHARP and Michael Holman

Background: JonOne156, Foreground: DAZE by JOE CONZOBackground: JonOne156, Foreground: DAZE by JOE CONZO

JonOne's mom Mrs. Perello by Raquel CepedaMrs. Perello represents for her son JonOne

Raquel Cepeda and Sacha Jenkis SHRME and Sacha Jenkins SHR

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